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Meet the Team
dapengDapeng WangDapeng (he/him) is a first generation of immigrant who spent six years in the healthcare industry after college. He is now pursing an MBA degree in order to help more veterans like him.
claireClaire Gillooply DempseyClaire (she/her) is a social worker with a background in behavioral health and immigrants rights work. She is now pursuing a joint MBA/MSW degree in order to become a stronger social impact leader.
olamideOlamide Mabel OmotoshoOlamide (she/her) is a brand manager and entrepreneur with background education in occupational therapy. She is now pursuing her MBA degree to become a leader in the marketing industry.
shradahaShradaha ChallaShradha (she/her) is from India. As a consultant for KPMG, she worked in UK and India to provided IT risk advisory solutions to clients. She was also the Chief Strategy Officer at her family business "Helios Insurance broking" and focused on digital transformation of her company.
kwakuKwaku NuamahKwaku (he/him) is a strategic and analytical MBA candidate with proven entrepreneurial background and industry experience in agribusiness, healthcare and educational technology.
kwakuVincent NguyenVincent (he/him) has logged over 3,000 hours of direct patient care as a nursing assistant. He is now on a mission to take his passion for helping people to the next level by pursuing an MD and MBA degree, with his eye on improving healthcare access and patient outcomes.
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